Signage Legislation NSW – Signage DA

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State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008

Legislation change in November 2014 has allowed greater exemptions under the NSW State Environmental Planning Policy, when it comes to signage in NSW there have been a number of new exemptions which reduce the requirement to file a development application for signage through your local council.

Here are some links for your reference –

New Legislation

Subdivisions / Signage Types

Building Identification Signs

Window Signs

Wall Signs

Fascia Signs

Under Awning Signs

Top Hamper Signs

The new rules are now more relaxed, however while you may be able to tick the boxes for the listed standards and not be required to lodge a DA in general, please consider other elements such as signage near protected trees, or any heritage listed sites in the vicinity,  etc.  If you have any concerns call your local council planning control and ask the question.